The Problems of AMERICA


For as long as I can remember and even before than, there has been a lot of difficulty with societies in America. Year after year there is something different going on, whether that be about race, the fight for gender equality, immigration, the criminal justice system, or the importance of identity. There has always been many complications, but there has also been some solutions. The fact that I can write this blog to tell people about one topic or other, could be considered a positive thing, or the opportunities that I have been granted that others dreamed of having fifty or hundred years ago, also seems like a good thing. But even though there are these little things that make the world seem a whole lot better, there are some things that need work. Like stereotyping based on a person’s race or gender. People make assumptions about who a person is and what they do because that is what they have been taught and what they see when they walk outside there house, and maybe it is time to think about what kind of life people are living.


Obama stepping into office has increased the number of voices speaking out against the racial injustice in this country, and an article by Micheal Harriot talks about how Obama becoming president has allowed for minorities to confront the ideas about race put fort through social commentary. People have known for a while that this country seemed color blind and that was a problem. Harriot states, “If Obama had not signed the Affordable Care Act, killed Osama bin Laden or saved the nation’s economy, the one thing for which he deserves credit is forcing America to confront its ideas about race and racism. He may not have explicitly championed Black Lives Matter or raised a black fist on the White House lawn, but his effect on the psyche of black America is undeniable.” If Obama had not become president would there be amount of people as there is now speaking out against race and racism?


At one time or another we all thought or said something based on a person’s gender, race, or looks and whether we meant it or not it’s still out there. In this world we live in there many negative looks on stereotyping because it could lead to people getting killed. Like the stereotypes of black men getting shot because they are seen as violent and hostile. Or a Mexican man found guilty of a crime because a jury said that ‘Mexican men take what ever they want (Wydra)’. In a video by CNN, it talks about how the show, Empire, reinforces stereotypes of the way people view black people, and how social media could be part of the problem of why people are seen the way they do. Although there are many stereotypes about many different races, it is a discussion being had all around America.

Every time America fixes a problem there is another one. Does that mean we give up hope and stop trying?  Maybe. Or maybe not. What would be without these problems to solve?

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After race is gender. The fight for gender equality has been going on for a while, and even more so now. Women no longer want to be just one piece of a puzzle. Race and gender has always overlapped. Men were fighting for their freedom because of their race. But women, minority women were fighting for both their race and gender. Now, more than ever before women are being heard all over the world, having their stories told.

It does not matter what the topic is, the people in America know there are problems and whether they want to believe it is up to them. But before a person starts to talk about the problems or conflicts going on in America, they should probably sit down to listen.



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