Author: Manasseh Amartey

The “Model Minority” is a term used to a minority group whose people are perceived to be highly successful than the average population. Even today, this term along with other typical stereotypes has had various impacts on Asian-Americans, and continues to do so. One actual negative impact is that these stereotypes are affecting the younger generations of Asian Americans. According to The Atlantic.Atlantic Media Company, n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2017. Stacy Lee “shows how this image can deter Asian American high-school students from seeking help when they’re struggling in school, socially isolating them and, ironically, causing them to fare worse academically”. This is a sad reality because no child should be afraid to ask for help, because of the fear they will be seen differently because of the stereotype of Asians excelling in school. This is a sad example of how Asian American being labeled the Model Minority could have negative effects.  
There is a stereotype that Asian parents tend to force kids to study just so they can do well in school. This stereotype clearly isn’t a hundred percent true but according to the article “it isn’t easy being an Asian-American” “Asian parents are driving some of their kids to suicide.” This quote is showing an image as to how some parents overwork their kids to do well in good that the pressure and stress actually makes the kids take their own lives. There can be some positives to Asian Americans being modeled as the Model Minority but the truth if more negatives emerge out of this term then positive. This is because of all the stereotypes that come along with term.




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