Life as a Minority in America Part 3


This first video talks about the difference in wealth between blacks, and Hispanics in America compared to white people. Everything said in this video is true. White people are usually always one step or many steps ahead of black and Hispanic people we just aren’t given the same stepping stones as they are. The wealth gap is incredible in this country. Basically speaking white men make up 95 % of the rich most powerful men in America and that just isn’t by accident. This is exactly why this country won’t change until we are all given the same opportunities and now more than ever.

This video…

talks about white power and the oppression we face being a minority in America.     This video really touches on my message well. As I conclude this blog and my talk on racial inequality I want just to say that yes maybe you haven’t lived though this or experienced it but picture this what if your mother or even grandmother had to face being let go or not getting a job because of the way she looked or because of the way she spoke and that job was her last hope to feeding you and her family how would you feel ? That’s how you have to think for a topic as sensitive as this one i just pray and hope everyday that my children don’t live or grow up in a country where they are judged of face discrimination because of the way they look. I won’t ever call this country the greatest country on earth until we fix  our biggest people ourselves.


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