Label are not Just Titles

Author: Shamera

For years this has been a problem and it’s sad to say that our ancestors lived through it, we have, and in time our children will too. Racism and stereotyping is so common in the black community that black people are prone to just adapt to them. Talking about race is such a controversial topic that people tend to ignore issues or wait too long to start talking about them. Society and culture has influenced the black community both historically and  in the modern day.

“Back there, before Jim Crow, before the invention of the Negro… The colonial population consisted largely of a great mass of white and black bondsmen… Curiously unconcerned about their color, these people worked together and relaxed together.” A line written by Lerone Bennett express there was a time before race and labels where a black and white man were seen as equals. He says that after the Jim Crow laws were set in stone nothing has ever been the same sense. The Jim Crow laws were a form of separating black people from whites after slavery. It was the key point of time when black and whites needed to be view as equals again but it was not. It was just the beginning to black people being treated as animals and being seen as less than human.

We live in a society where destructions is seen as process. Prince Ea made a video “I am not black, you are not white” in the video he discuss labels. No one is born racist or tagging people. You are thought to be black and thought to call someone black because society feed a child labels from birth. One important question he acts is “who would you be if the world never gave you a label?” We would be equal and people would be judged on their character not the color of their skin. We would not get confused by society version to strap every group of individual to a box with what perceived to be their only abilities.

Stereotypes on black people have evolved from the beginning of their hatred.  After slavery they was stereotyped as rapist, savages, and accuses of pretty and crimes they did not comment. This stereotype has been something black people could never live down. As many stages in history processed and more blacks were victimized because of thing they didn’t do. Black people began actually commenting crimes and accepting the label throw at them for who they truly are. In modern society its reality for a black man to end up in jail by the age of twenty then to be actually getting a college degree. It’s common for fried chicken and watermelon flavored beverages to be a black man or woman’s favorite meal rather that having a strung out variety.

Racism and stereotyping needs to change and it’s easy to say oh its a white mans fault. But we need to break done the labels but until that happens don’t conform to stereotypes just because a group has beliefs. Jonathan Broadnax said a speech entitled “Run black boy Run” in the speech he talks about his son having to run longer and more miles than a white boy. But the message behind the speech is learn how to ignore the statistic set in place to stop you from succeeding you have to discipline yourself to stand out. There are so many obstacles that would make you want to give up and be tempted by other things that are easier because this fight is such a struggle. The goal should always be to finish you don’t have to be first or second but just finish because there’s many people that fought for the opportunity so you could and only desire was to see you fail.

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