Author: Destiny Cacho

FREEDOM! What does it mean to truly be free? Does anyone even know? For years America has become this great idea of freedom and hope but, who really knows what that is anymore? Everyone has a goal it might not all be the same goal but in the end everyone just wants to be free. I have come to the understanding that this will never be. I had high hopes for this country yet I continue to be disappointed. Social media is an outlet a place where anyone can be whoever they want to be ,a place to hide and just pour out emotions in a hope of someone listening or watching or even caring because you feel alone. Social media can also be a place to shed light,positivity and even have fun. Still people remain to fill a void because they try to shut out true emotions and family and friends because they think in the end that these likes,follows,and comments can make them feel whole again.It is funny that it is called social media because it actually makes us less social.

It doesn’t matter if you are black,white,latino, or asian everyone wants to feel accepted and free.No one grows and says “I want to be a prisioner”. I say this because no matter what race or ethnicity we are we want endless happiness and joy. Who wants to get held back of their full potential?No one does. People are raised to go against other races not because it is right but because that was normal to them. I don’t think anything is normal I don’t know what normal is but what I do know is I pray and hope maybe one day we aren’t looked or judged on by our race we are all human. We all deserve a chance to be heard,to be happy, to have peace, to be FREE.

Our first amendment is literally freedom of religion,freedom of speech,freedom of press and etc all these “freedoms” yet there are limits to our so called freedom.Why is it I cannot express my religious beliefs in school? Why is it when I talk the way I want I am not acting like a “lady”? This is not freedom this is restriction.We need to stand up and show that we can be free we are not puppets to this puppet show we call America. America is always put on a pedestal when really other countries and cities have more freedom Canada,Japan,Singapore,Ireland, and New Zealand just to name a few. The real issue isn’t that we don’t have our freedom but no one wants to fight for it they rather be on their social media and distract themselves from what is really going on. People would rather be oblivious instead of educated because God forbid you are educated then you will just sound “white” and who would want that?

We are holding ourselves back we have no one else to blame but ourselves. Constantly people say “I blame society” we are all part of society as a whole so when people say that you are already blaming yourselves which is the correct thing to do. As a community we never really bring each other up, we do the exact opposite.Yes we are all slaves to the state, yes we are treated in a disrespectful,dishonorable manner but no we don’t have to put up with it. Set yourself free be who YOU want to be.

We learn in school how our ancestors fought for us to be free and how people took action in a peaceful manner to get their point across and it has been a long hard fight for our ancestors to do so. It is 2017 and people would rather rap about guns,sex,violence and drugs than to live peacefully,give speeches or even give their family and friends a warm hug. How has race influenced these actions? It hasn’t.People rather be the next Nicki Minaj,Young Thug, or 21 Savage than to be the next Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall or MLK Jr or just in that matter themselves.Yes it may seem like race takes a big part in our society but only because people are brainwashed into thinking that’s what matters.The bigger picture is we will never really be free or know who we are because we are too busy thinking of others.

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