Frailyn Badia


Division has been a huge and crucial problem for Latinos and just people all over the world in general. Families have been separated for years and years for various  reasons. Parents have been taken away from their children and children have been taken away from their parents. Borders have added to the division in a very negative way. Millions and millions of people have been killed or have died just trying to get pass borders. People are killed by gang members, police officers or even coyotes trying to smuggle them across who just take their money and kill them. Borders to me represent the biggest problem. Many people who cross the border of Mexico in specific to get to the US come from countries like Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and so on. They travel from so far and pay a lot of money to come to escape from their countries. There are many reasons for them migrating to the US some reasons are because in their country the economy is really bad, there are no available jobs, They are running from gang members so that they won’t kidnap their family members and make them turn into one of them, rape them or even kill them. Other reasons are so that their children can have a better education here because it is free unlike in other countries where you have to pay for school and if you don’t you won’t get an education. Families should not be divided if they haven’t done anything. The sorrow that is brought to families every time they are separated is immense. Immigrants that are already in the United States should not be deported. These immigrants kind of make up our country in a way. Immigrants actually do the jobs us Americans are scared of and they also receive less than minimum pay and they are happy here. They feel safe here in the US.

Deporting immigrants back to their countries will put them back in danger to the gang members in their countries such as MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha. It will make millions of children unhappy and they will be unable to see their parents. President Donald Trump believes in massive deportations of these immigrants must happen. Does he know this can ruin our economy? He says that he will build a huge border wall in between Mexico and the US and he stated that Mexico will pay for it without Mexico’s approval. He can start a war by doing this or he is by saying this and if he does make this huge wall. Not only can it start a war in between the two countries but the amount of money that will be invested into making this border wall is ridiculous. Billions of dollars will be invested into this wall if they make it. There are so many problems in the world and in the United states such as hunger, poverty, and so on. So why waste Billions on a wall that will bring sadness to families when you can use all this money instead for programs that will help all of us Americans in our life. President Trump also wants to end all sanctuary cities. He says they will enforce the immigration laws and they will triple the number of ICE agents. His goal is to make an impenetrable wall. Will it work? No one knows yet but he is trying to act quickly so we will soon find out.








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