What is Our World Coming To?


With Trump being our president in the 21st century, it seems as if our world is separated, yet unified. Young influencers like Zendaya, Becky G, Chris Brown and other celebrities have taken the choice to speak their minds and go against Trump. Although many have spoken about the harsh ideologies that Trump has in store, there is nothing that can be we can do except wait. Trump’s big campaign is against Mexicans and other minority groups who seem to be the “problem” in the United States.

 To fully understand what the problem is, what does stereotype actually mean? Stereotypes can be seen as,”…being at risk of confirming, as a self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one’s group.”(1) Stereotypes, specifically African Americans, usually led to their performances which statistics have proven,”…stereotypes can threaten how students evaluate themselves, which then alters academic identity and intellectual performance.”(1) Black students are less likely to do well in school compared to white people due to stereotypes and discrimination. Since the Civil Rights Act, African Americans have been apart of the American education system which contributes to their efforts of blending cultures. Unfortunately, this had led to,”…the national college-dropout rate for African-Americans has been 20 to 25 percent higher than that for whites.”(Steele 3) Many African Americans live in stereotype threats which means, “…the fear of doing something that would inadvertently confirm that stereotype.”(Steele 5) Not only are African American students discriminated due to the color of their skin, but they have to limit themselves from situations in order to not own up to their stereotype.

Why is it that the idea of white privilege has limited so many minority groups into perhaps branching out to their full potential? Why can’t us, as Americans, be accepting of different cultures and races? Hasn’t there been already enough discrimination against minority groups? Why is it that when buying hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, hair care and ethnic products are often separated? Why is it that I am ashamed to watch the news because I can’t handle another black shooting? As much as the problem needs to be solved, what is there really to be done? With the new face of America, racist people have the chance to be racist because their president is. How long do we have to suffer until the world realizes that underneath we are just skin and bones?


Things like this is what is driving our country to separation because of these personas that all black people are “stupid, irresponsible,violent, dirty,obese”(1) and the list goes on and on. Why is it that Dylann Roof is so open to talk about how much he hates black people? Nearly 63 million people voted for Donald Trump, but numbers don’t define how powerful we are. I hope one day we can look back at this era as history and move on. Racism is overrated, let’s stop the trend. 


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