The Truth.

equalityRacial discrimination, is an issue we are dealing with. It’s ridiculous that people are still getting discriminated just by the color of their skin and race, which is something THEY CANT CONTOL!!!! It’s sickening to watch people getting yelled at, online bullied, and just being abuse in any way because of the fact that they are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, and etc. We live in a world where people say “we should all be peaceful” or “we should all love each other,” but those same people are the people who would cross the block if they see a group of more than three black men in front of them. I stand with the #BlackLivesMovement but it’s so sad that people still have to fight for their rights. People say racism is dead, but I honestly believe it’s not even close to ending, and this is very frightening. I want to live in a world where my friend isn’t told to “go back to where they came from.” I want to live in a society where people don’t think it’s okay to use the n-word so regularly. I want to live in a better setting and not just in a place that’s filled with hatred, discrimination, and just plain ugliness. Racial discrimination is everywhere and it’s upsetting. It’s crazy to think about the fact that a black person with a college diploma will most likely get the same probability employment as whites who do not even have a high school diploma. 74.5% of Black males and 79.1% of Black women will most likely be able to get a job with a high school diploma, but 81.8% of white male and 82.6% of white women are able to get a job without a high school diploma. The statics of this is ridiculous. This is one of the many reason why so many people discriminate blacks and other races, saying that they are “lazy” and they don’t work, when i.n reality they do want to work but are not given it just because of their outside appearance. It’s also crazy to say that the most discriminated person is a black women. The mindset people have is just insane and it leaves me speechless. How can someone have so much hatred on a person? People ask how can this be solved, and I never have a proper answer for that. But what I do say is that we really need to speak up and make our voices be heard, as people who want to see a better change in the world we need to come together and do actions such as protest, and create movements but we need to do it peacefully. We can’t let the close minded look better than us, because they are not. We need to do this especially now, with the president that we have, I honestly see a change, there can be a beautiful change in this world. And I believe equality can happen, and discrimination can stop but that all starts with us. This is the truth about discrimination, this is the truth of racism, this is the truth of how we can have equality.


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