The “Model Minority”The “Model Minority”

AUTHOR: Bradimir


The Start

Immigration in the United States has always been an issue ever since it began. In 1763, when the first Asians were allowed in America, “the land of the free,” they were heavily discriminated against. If you weren’t European back then, you would always feel like you aren’t apart and that is how it felt for most of the early years of America. Overtime, the stereotypes started to roll in, relating to physical features and work ethic.  Many Chinese workers would be imported to work for America. Many would arrive at California to work before they are immigrants that can live freely in America.

The Model Minority

Today, Asian Americans are known as the “Model Minority.” This term can be offensive and praising to Asian Americans but it can be disrespectful to other minority races since it disregards them. Model minority mainly means that that minority race, ethnicity, or social group are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than other minorities or population. This term leaves a bad taste in my mouth, not because it disregards many other races but also because it isn’t true since Asian Americans are to general of a “race.” The Asian American race includes many different nationalities such as Cambodians, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Taiwanese, and many more. While many can agree that some of these nations are doing well for themselves and achieved “The American Dream,” not all of them live up to the expectations many Americans have put on them. Many Asians still struggle to this day to graduate, get financially stable, and even get food. Asian Americans is such a broad term because it includes too many nationalities to include that they all successful and do well for themselves. The success can only go so far as it says in this article. Not only that but Asian Americans have been discriminated against by the government during WW2. The Japanese Internment left a big scar on Japanese-American citizens, not ending until the 1970’s which is 30 years after the big war ended. They were not trustworthy to the American government and that left a lot of distaste and tension that would slowly be resolved.

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Stereotypes and Effects

Stereotypes have been made about Asian Americans that can be offensive and hurtful. One example of Asian Americans is how they can’t speak English well and get made fun of because of their accent. Not all Asians are like this and when someone says, they speak good English, it can be taken awkwardly and make Asians feel isolated from America and it is a reminder that other people find them different. Another stereotype is that Asians are good at math and science so that will lead them to a career of doctor or engineer. Not all Asians are good at these subjects and will probably want to go into a career of lawyer or something that doesn’t relate to math or science. Many more stereotypes, good or bad, are know to Asian Americans and it affects them because it can make fun of their culture or race in general. Asian Americans don’t have to speak or look a different type of way to be Asian American. They can express themselves how they want to with the freedom of not being expected to be successful although that is a goal that everyone strives to do.

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