Life as a minority in America Part 1

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.12.44 PM.png

In America living as a young Hispanic male it hasn’t been easy to say the least and I know i’m talking for many people when I say this the Racial Inequality in this country is completely unfair and unacceptable it just isn’t right. It is no secret in this country that the people on top of the food chain is white families. I come from a Spanish speaking family with not a single person in my family finishing college. We don’t get the same treatment and we even get judged for the way we look and for the way we talk as do so many other groups moving to america to better our lives. Our parents came here not to face oppression but to better their lives and their kids lives and we don’t even get the chance to really do that and on top of that we have to face Racial Inequality and bullshit from many people who have had it easy in life just isn’t fair. But their is something we can do about we can stand up as a whole and fight for fairness and i’m not saying it will be granted to us in a day but in many months or even years but now is the time to stand and fight more for it looking at who’s in power in the United States a bluntly racist white man. So who’s with me ?


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