Life as a Minority in America Part 2

I would like everyone to read this article based on a man who was treated unfairly because of his race.

The university of Illinois  forced this man to teach a math class just because he was Asian and because they claimed all Asians are good in math is just outrageous to me in so many different ways. Anyone from any race is just as good in math or in any job or in any aspect of life. Yes of course maybe some groups of people are better than others at some things but that doesn’t make it right to assume they all are. It just isn’t right and if your reading this thinking it isn’t a big deal then take this into thought. Lets say this professor wasn’t Asian but was in fact white do you really think they would have made him teach Math or do you think they would of made him teach the subject he actually has a degree in. The little things like this is what will always have us divided as a country and as a whole.

This next article is about a black man who is a retired correction officer yet suspect him of a crime he didn’t commit and then beat him up for it

So basically the retired officer was arrested because they suspected him of a crime as he told them he was a retired officer they laughed arrested him and beat him then let him go with not even a sorry in return.  The racial discrimination in this country just isn’t fair at all. Even when your not doing anything bad your still suspected of a crime you didn’t commit as a country I feel like this here needs to stop. We can’t claim to be free and promote equal rights to everyone when that’s clearly not the case we promote shit that isn’t true as a country and then have immigrants come here and get treated like shit.


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