Who exactly are the Native Americans


Ever since the start of exploration back to when Columbus discovered America there has been stereotypes of Native Americans and how they behave and look. Without knowing who exactly they are Columbus called them Indians right away. That’s when the Stereotypes started the name calling, the mistreatment, the myths and everything else that comes with it in the modern day. Today the stereotypes of Native Americans is even more noticeable as you see them in all aspects of life on shows, TVs, sports, books, and even more on social media. Some people believe all Indians live in reservations and are always drinking and all they wear is stuff with feathers. The crazy part is that a lot of these stereotypes are so involved in our everyday lives that we don’t even notice when we are actually offending Native Americans and their culture. We offend Native Americans basically everyday by supporting our favorite teams and buy their gear and buying clothes that look like something that Native Americans wear even Hollywood offends Native Americans by picking white actors to play Native American roles. It may not seem like a big deal because we out number Native Americans like 300 to 1 but still they see and hear everything. It’s gotten to the point that Native Americans hate their own existent and some even act like they aren’t Native American at all. They basically abandon their whole culture because they feel as though their culture isn’t accepted in our society. Which isn’t fair to anyone because everyone should be able to follow and do as they please with their lives. It has even come to the point that a lot of Native Americans lead to suicide, becoming drug addicts, prostitutes and so fore. Not only did we take their land and move them away from their homes but we also now offend them by making judgements about them as a whole which isn’t true. We have put them in areas called reservations that are in worse conditions then the places in America we think are horrible just picture one of the poorest places in america times two that’s how bad it is living in one of the reservations. We think the Native Americans are good the government helps them right ? nope once they get put in the Reservations they have to basically do everything for themselves no help no nothing. This is just one of many things Native Americans deal with. They also have to deal with teams using their culture as Mascots and logos and making Native Americans look in ways they don’t look like the Redskins team and the Indians baseball team and many upon many college teams. The problem with this is that Native Americans have tired to tell the league to please change the logo as it is very offensive to their beliefs and to what they stand for. Yet this huge businesses and powerful man keep making more money and keep getting getting stronger all at the mocking and disadvantage of the Native Americans and their culture. Why should we care someone would probably ask and I would say because they are human beings as much as you and me and you would probably hate someone making fun of what you believe in and judging you by the way you dress and look instead of by the content of your character. So Hopefully things change and we all began to understand how standing together is a lot better than being divided.screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-3-13-25-pm


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