The Importance of Blackness and #STAY WOKE


Since the start of American society the blacks have always been at the bottom of everything always getting the short end of the stick. But when I say black I don’t mean your skin color or if you have some African,Jamaican or any other islander in you’re blood I mean anyone that is not white. There has always been a fine line separating Whites from Blacks and always leaves the black with the butt end of it. Why at a time the most famous movie in America was the famous “Birth of a Nation” which auditioned their first “black” actor( A white man with black paint on his body) trying to rape a white woman who ends up jumping of a cliff rather than getting raped by here attacker. Wait did I just here that right a black man, trying to rape a white woman. hold up hold up if I’m correct wasn’t it the white man that took us from our homeland and brought us to foreign lands. Was it not also them that raped our woman while they were on the slave ships as well as in there houses. Yet a fictional piece made by white men who were racist still became America’s favorite movie even though it was completely not a “Birth of a Nation”. So now we have this twisted version of the truth that everyone believes and guess who gets the blunt of it, you guessed it black people. But Black people aren’t entirely innocent either instead of defending themselves they would rather claim that they aren’t black and is an islander of some sort. those that do that hats off to you but there is a handful of individuals that don’t share this same sentiment and while proudly wear their black skin until they die.

One such people is a black activist by the name of Jesse Williams. Yeah thats him right down there under this text holding that BET award trophy and yes he is Black not Brown Black.


He is apart of a movement called #staywoke and what this those is raise awareness of blackness and black identity. y0u may ask what is blackness or what is black identity but i’m pretty sure you would now if I threw words like White gifts and whiteness. You ever walk by a white person and say in your head “He/She is white so they have to have money.” or “they live in a big mansion because they are white” or maybe ” they can go anywhere they want on the yacht they have which is probably in their personal port and can get their child into any school because of how rich they are”. So now you know what White gifts and whiteness is it’s the things associated with the color of their skin without having to do anything. Blackness and Black identity is the exact opposite of what everything you where just thinking so it would be more like “He/She is black so they are probably going to rob me after they see I have more money than them.” even a little “They live in the projects because they are black and their families are probably missing a father because they are black.” oh how about the popular one ” They can buy themselves Jordans and Next-Gen gaming systems but can’t afford to pay child support”. Woah see the difference just because of the color of the skin yet in reality there is hardly anything the White man has done that we haven’t done as well. Yet the way we’re treated is so different this is because being black is almost like a curse in which most would want to get rid of rather than try to fix.


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