Latinos Living as the Minority


Latinos have always live as the minority in the United States. Why? Because the way they are treated, and identified in the United States. Also because the way the U.S isolate them from their country by using “Borders” , it makes the people see them as bad people. Borders have also shaped, and impacted latinos in a way of separation, and isolation. This borders are making the latino race have a bad reputation, and identity, which doesn’t help the people immigrating at all because many people in the U.S would’ve think they are coming over here to take over their jobs, or replaced them, and all they doing is seeking for a better education, and opportunity in life. I personally think the U.S should help the people who are really in need of help. Most of the people who immigrates to the United States die on their way here, or get arrested and send back to their country which is really sad, and frustrating. I think the U.S should have a little more of consideration with the innocent people. All of these people have is “Hope” on coming to the U.S. It’s unfair to the people who really need help because all they want is a better opportunity in life. The word “Border” is a sense of separation, and isolation. Since the United Sates is a diverse country according to their government, they should allow, and help those immigrants, not send them back, or make their identity, and reputation bad. Race have shape latino’s identities, and relations in the u.s in many different ways. Most of the people in the United States think all Latinos are gang members, drug dealers, criminals etc… which is not true at all, and unfair to the latinos, because it’s ruining their identities, and reputation in the United States, and many different countries.


According to Here’s where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on immigration” article Trump is determined to build a wall and potentially deport some immigrants living in the U.S illegally, while Clinton had pledged to protect some undocumented immigrants from deportation, and help them integrate into American society. Hispanic people are the largest minority in the United States. Only Mexico has a larger Hispanic population than the United States. I hope the United States government have more consideration towards the immigrants who are in the United States for better a education, and a better opportunity in life.



Nowadays Latinos still getting low jobs, like cab drivers, cashiers, farm workers etc. It is shocking for certain people because nothing has changed. I think it depends on the level of education they have. Mexicans were seen as hard workers, like to build railroads, farm workers etc. It started when these latinos, or Hispanics immigrated on seeking for better jobs, and a better opportunity in life. Which i don’t think it’s bad, otherwise i think it’s a really good idea, and choice because in many of these latin countries there isn’t that many jobs available. Even thought if you graduate from college, example: with the Dominican Republic i have friends that graduated college years ago, and still haven’t find any jobs, which explains why all of these Latinos come to the U.S.






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