Latino Identity

Author: Destiny Cacho

For many years latinos just wanted to feel free and equal just like everyone else.It has been hard because most latinos are perceived as hardworkers that would do anything for money. Immigrants come to America for a different, yet better life. They remain to have hope. America would not be the same if latinos were not around yet many Americans tend to shut out the entire latino community. Latinos are more than just workers we are humans. Since the Mexican vs American war I would expect people would learn from our history but it seems like history is just repeating itself. It is about time someone makes a change.

It may be hard for people to understand that latinos are much more than labor workers because that’s the kind of jobs most immigrants have when they come to America. But they only have these jobs because they are scared to go back it is really hard being in a place where you aren’t accepted that’s why most latinos only talk to latinos when they come to America. Es tan dificil cuando nadie te  entiende ,this means it is very hard when no one understands you. This just shows sometimes it’s just the language barrier that separates most latinos from others because being in America most people just expect us to speak English. We are all humans we shouldn’t be treated any differently because of how we look or what we speak. We all make mistakes we all have feelings so why not treat others how you want to be treated? I was once told it is easy to be evil but it is a struggle to be kind well I am here to say take the challenge be nice ,accept others because it is worth it. Juntos somos mas.

According to The House on Mango Street some latinos were just tired and ashamed of seeing what they could never have because they always had to be the workers not the ones being worked for. Also even if latinos were able to do other things they couldn’t so they just try to have a better life so their children could do things they never could. Eva Longoria said it best when talking about her show Devious Maids being a maid is their occupation not who they are not every latina is a maid.Ser quien soy no porque soy latina pero porque soy humano (this is my personal saying). There is this mexican saying Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres. This means tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. From How to Tame a Wild tongue this is a representation on who you are around affects who you are so I encourage others to surround themselves with positive people. Latinos don’t only make America a better place to live but have found a place they can have a better future for their families and themselves.

Whether you are male or female you CAN make a difference. Latinos need to stick together and become one because together we are unstoppable. We can’t rewrite history but we can make sure we have a better future. SI SE PUEDE!!!



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