Model Minority in America

Joseph Eziri

Reading Race

Ms. Maitland

11 January 2017

                                                                    Model Minority

According to “The Professional Burdens of Being a ‘Model Minority” by Adia Harvey Wingfield, “Model Minority” is “a group whose hard work, initiative, personal responsibility, and success offer proof that American meritocracy works as intended.” It is usually used towards Asian Americans due to them being portrayed as very educated and with great jobs.

However, for many Asian Americans, it can be viewed as a negative stereotype and affects them in society. According to “The Professional Burdens of Being a ‘Model Minority” the pre-judged image of Asian Americans can “… deter Asian American high-school students from seeking help when they’re struggling in school, socially isolating them and, ironically, causing them to fare worse academically”. Some students will not be able to live up to the expectations and they will feel as if they are failures.

Also, another stereotype is that Asian Americans don’t know how to speak proper English. According to “Perceptions of Asian American Students: Stereotypes and Effects” by Qin Zhang, “In mainstream media, Asian Americans are also portrayed as poor communicators who are quiet, shy, humble, passive, non-confrontational, and speak poor English with an accent”. This negatively affects Asian Americans because it makes them very socially awkward and people won’t want to socialize with them, due to fear of bad communication skills.


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