The Model Minority


The model minority is a group whose members are of high education or have a higher average income than those of the average population and also those other groups or races that are included as minorities.  This has affected asian americans because it makes everyone think every Asian is a genius and that they all like math when in reality that isn’t true they are regular people as us some of them like math others don’t some are really smart while others aren’t as much. The reality of it is that asian americans have made the most of what we call the american dream and for that they got the title “Model Minority”  This has affected Asians in many ways some companies and businesses mostly only hire asians due to the fact that they believe they will do better than any other person they could hire. This then leads to high expectations and leads to failure at times because they company or business feels their Asian workers shouldn’t ever fail since they are so smart. Another stereotype that also affects a lot of asians is that think every Asian comes from china or is Chinese which isn’t true either China isn’t the only country in Asia. There are other countries in Asia just like there are other Asians in America that aren’t Chinese. With this also came the Stereotype that all Asians have money and are all rich or that they all own Chinese restaurants or laundromats all of this isn’t true at all there are a lot of poor Asians in America just like there are a lot of Asians who work in offices or work in retail or etc. All these different types of stereotypes just paint a picture in people’s heads that isn’t true.


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