The “Model Minority”: Asian Americans

Author: Amanda Lara

When you hear the word “Minority” you usually would think of races such as Hispanic and African Americans mostly. Minority means anything that is smaller. Which includes other races such as Asian as well Arabs. Asian Americans have been given the title as the “Model Minority”, meaning that everyone else should view them as a “role model” or a “lead example”  They were given that name because Asians are stereotypically known as being extremely hardworking with everything and very intelligent academically. Being straight A student, excellent in math, having good paying careers such as doctors, lawyers, spending a lot of time involved in school and attending many years of school after college, maintaining degrees, etc are among the things that describe their model minority image. This is extremely offensive to other minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans because it’s making it seem that we, are not ones who work hard or smart. Which is not true, Hispanics work many long hours doing hard labor to make very little money as well with African Americans.
As of course, stereotypes do not apply to every single person who is Asian. There is actually a huge amount of Asians, Cambodians, Vietnamese and the origin from Laou who came to America as refugees, escaping their country’s wars and communist dictatorship for a new life. Thus, a big percent of those people are actually living in the state’s poor and involved with violence, gang community, and who are not doing well in school because they don’t understand American curriculum and it was never taught beforehand. In class, we’ve watched videos of real Asians that I described living in California who are not doing their best in their lives. One student said the reason that he is involved in gangs is because it’s what he ever knew when he used to live in Cambodia. They were exposed to that and that is why he’s “doing what they did to me to them” as he said. Another negative influence that this title gives to Asians is the amount of stress that young students are in. Asian parents are extremely strict in their child’s academic studies, forcing them to receive nothing but A’s and A pluses. This is why Japan has a high suicide rate. Because of the insane pressure from students who know nothing but just a textbook. They’re never hanging out with friends, having a social life or being told just to do their best.
In conclusion, nobody is perfect and better than others. We’re all having the same problems at the end of the day and are doing the same thing. Trying to survive life here for ourselves and our future.


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