What is a Model Minority?


Model minority is a phrase usually used to describe a minority group who are seen as more advanced, educated, and achieve higher success than the other average group. It is used to describe a race, which makes them seem better, which can be both good and bad. A specific racial group that goes through model minority is Asian American. Usually, Asian American are seen as “educated, hard working, and quiet.” Many people will consider this a good description, but this is also consider a stereotype. On the passage “Asian American Should Be Proud of Overcoming Racism, but…” it says “…Asian immigrants as a group are more highly educated not only than their compatriots in their home countries but also than average Americans.” This can be somewhat true but not every Asian American live up to this expectation.

         On the passage, “It isn’t Easy Being an Asian American,” there is a specific quote that caught my attention. “If you have great grades, but not supersonic, epic, straight, A-pluses in all AP classes, you are just consider a loser by your family. It’s a sad thought that some people feel like ‘losers’ or feel ‘worthless’ because their grades are not higher than an A. This little situation can lead to kids to be more stressed or even commit suicide. A lot of people don’t know that Asian American kids are out under so much pressure, and it’s not just easy for them. There are also many Asian American kids who drop from school because they are not reaching their parents expectations, they don’t live in a good neighborhood, so they are influenced by their friends and their surroundings. Many teens get pregnant, get into gangs, start using drugs, and more things that “Asians don’t do.” Model minority has affected Asian American because if they don’t live up to a certain expectation or don’t live a specific way they are judged so much for it, by their own race and other random people who always feel the need to say and judge other. Every person is living their life differently, so model minority isn’t really accurate and race shouldn’t be the reason why someone is “educated” or “successful.” It just depends on how you want to be seen as and how you want to live the life that you’re living.

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