Model Minority effects, and impacts on Asian Americans:

“Equality is one of the most important things in life”


Model minority is a minority group whether based on ethnicity, race or religion whose members are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than the population average. This success is typically measured relatively by income, education, low criminality, and high family stability. The concept Model Minority is controversial, as it has historically been used to suggest there is no need for government action to adjust for socioeconomic disparities between certain groups. In the united states, the term Model Minority was coined to describe Japanese Americans, although it has evolved to become associated with many different races like American Jews, and Asian Americans, but more specifically with East Asians like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Also the South Asian community such as the Indian community. The concept of a Model Minority has faced backlash from the Asian Americans community.

“Stereotypes do nothing but render discrimination against Asian Americans”

In a lot of ways, Asian Americans have done remarkably well in achieving “the American dream” of getting a good education, working at a good job, and earning a good living. So much so that the image many have of Asian Americans is they are the Model Minority, a bright example of hard workers, really smart, and grateful. Stereotypes of Asian Americans are ethnic stereotypes found in the U.S society about first generations immigrants, and American born Citizens whose family members immigrated to the U.S from East Asian countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, or Vietnam. Stereotypes of Asian Americans, like other ethnic stereotypes, are often portrayed in the popular press, literature, film, and other creative expressions, for example the “joke” Chris Rock made in the 2016 oscars. Many Asian Americans felt offended towards the joke the celebrity Chris Rock made.  


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