Native American Misrepresentation Blast to the Past

AUTHOR: Bradimir

There has been Native American discrimination ever since the Exploration Age started from Europe. The ancient civilizations in the “New World” were wiped of because of different ideals, beliefs, and technological differences. They could also be considered Native American because they were originally from America before the the colonization of the Europeans. When Europeans landed in the new world, they claimed the lands without the consideration of the Natives. The Natives had no say and were seen as the inferior race compared to the Europeans. This brought the idea from Columbus to recognize this other race as savages and that carried through for centuries. When America became independent, they made a quest called, Manifest Destiny, the belief that the American expansion throughout North America was justifiable and inevitable. This meant that anyone who got in their way was to be dealt with one way or another. So this meant for the American Indians that they were forced into reservations in order for America to expand into their lands. The thoughts of the American Indians being known as savages were still fresh in America’s heads. They treated the Natives like they weren’t human and even though they never did anything aggressive to ruin the Europeans. Columbus’s statement lead to discrimination to Natives centuries later, even today.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 3.19.11 PM.pngAll the areas there was Native American reservations in America

Native American Stereotypes

Today, Native Americans are misrepresented in many forms. In forms such as sport teams like the Washington Redskins and other teams supposed tradition and dance that the mascots do. Although this isn’t true, many Americans still believe in this and also see them as red-skinned people. This false information has been implemented into many young minds for generations giving Natives this time to never have a chance to recover. In the film, “In Whose Honor,” they explain how teams like the Redskins is racist because it is like calling a team “niggers.” I agree with this statement because Native Americans aren’t really red-skinned but many people still believe this because of the past. We don’t talk about racism towards Native Americans because they aren’t as around as black people are since they are enclosed in a reservation where they have to control their government. Another example from the same film is how some Native American named teams represent their mascots as “real” American Indian dances and cultures but it is all made up by Americans. Here Native Americans explain how inaccurate these depictions are and how it slanders them and give them disadvantages in the social world. There are logos that are clearly racist but they aren’t considered racist because it is towards Natives. Some Natives even attempt to try to get rid of the stereotypes that have been brought upon them over the years. Some Americans still don’t know that these viewings of Natives are false and actually believe them which brings the chain of generations to generations having false beliefs of the American Indians.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 3.19.49 PM.png




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