“Model Minority”

The “Model Minority” is what Asian-Americans have been labeled in society. “Model Minority” is what society makes of Asians, it claims that American Asians are smart and wealthy people it is no completely true. Race does not define how well you think, or how educated you are. While most of us think that Asians are smart in school, and highly advanced in math, Cambodians living in California and suffering from low graduation rates and poverty. Cambodians decide to settle in America “because of the genocide occurring during the Vietnam war”. Most of the youth got involve when gang affiliation was rising in Long Beach, California. This has led to low high school graduation rates within the Cambodian community.

The “Model Minority” is just not real. Society only depicts the one side of an Asian American story. “Many Asians face unemployment and only 62% of Cambodians graduate high school”. There is no “model” in any race. We seem to always want to appear what we are not and why is that? Is it weird to here that some Asians actually hate math? Why is it weird? The “Model Minority” is just a really believable myth.


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