Are Asian-Americans Our “Model Minority”?


Some people may argue if the American Dream is even real, but Asian Americans have proven that it is possible although you are seen as a minority by society. A model minority are a group of people who have achieved a high level of success. Asian-Americans are seen as “… a bright, shining example of hard work and patience whose example other minority groups should follow.”(Lee 1) Statistics have shown that Asian Americans “…highest college degree attainment rate, rates of having an advanced degree (professional or Ph.D.), median family income, being in the labor force, rate of working in a “high skill” occupation (executive, professional, technical, or upper management), and median Socioeconomic Index (SEI) score that measures occupational prestige.”(Lee 1) A model minority is basically an ethnic group that has been successful and where other nationalities strive to be.

Although this may be seen as beneficial, these stereotypes has affected Asian-Americans in ways that often go unheard about. For example, stereotypes “…ignores the struggles of many Asian nationalities divides the races and can put disabling pressure on young people.”(Lim 4) The stereotypes of Asian Americans being hardworking and intelligent puts pressure on the adolescent to strive to excellence. Some are able to handle the pressure, but unfortunately not all ethnic communities live up to their name. “Southeast Asian-Americans drop out if high school at an alarming rate; nearly 40 percent of Hmong-Americans…”(Lim 4) Children are also “…expected to perform exceptionally and to work twice as hard as other Americans.”(Lim 4) Not only is their pressure from society, but school wise which leds to the high suicide rates coming from Asian Americans.



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