Amanda Lara
Ms. Maitland
Reading Race 8
22 December 2015
   Latino’s Race & Identity in the United States

The Latino community seeks the United States as a place for a new beginning. Although they see this country as a good place for a new life but our government and some of our own people, think the opposite. As like any other race, Latino’s face prejudice and stereotypical encounters with non-Hispanics. Illiterate, immigrant, illegal, rapist, are among some words that relate to Latinos when being spoken about coming to the United States. Latinos struggle a lot when it comes to finding jobs, and building their life up due to the circumstances that they don’t speak Spanish, they don’t have enough education, and that they’re poor. But everyone could overcome the crowd and work around these things to better themselves, no matter what may happen to them.
The Latino community comes from many different countries. Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Our roots are diverse. In the United States, people are treated differently depending on where you came from. Each country has their own type of people, or you are expected to be this type of person from where you are from. Examples include that if you are Mexican, you’re poor, working in construction, selling fruits on the street with 7 kids. Cubans are mafia type people who are extremely money hungry (but who isn’t?!) Their identity has stereotypes. These inputs are often already set in the mind of other people in the United States unfortunately but of course not EVERY single Latino lives up to their stereotype image. Latinos are very diverse but where we come from does not define who we are!
Another negative influence on Latinos is gender roles. Females in the Latino community are always expected to be the ones who stay at home, housewives. And if they were to work it would be as a maid, seamstresses, etc. Females are not seen as someone who can do a “man’s job” such as hard labor, they won’t be ever taken seriously even if they tried. It’s been a thing that has been going on for years that a female will be downgraded in the Latino community. Women are seen as a person who NEED’s the man in their lives for everything, everything they do has to be for them. Females are not respected as much in the Latino community. But the women know their worth, this is why some Latinas are very feisty and aggressive. They are trying to show men that they too can be just as good as them or even better. That they can still hustle just as hard and get what they need to get done. Latina females are graceful and smarter and as the years go on, today modern society has shaped to accept females as everything that they wanna be. Which is awesome and should continue forever. Girl power!
Being a Latina myself, from the Dominican Republic nothing is ever easy. My parents are extremely hardworking to do their best for me to live comfortably. I am a middle class citizen and I am extremely blessed and grateful. Being Latina in the US, it has made me learn that no race of Spanish is better than the other, a lot of Hispanics tend to judge others Hispanics as if they’re in some sort of competition but it shouldn’t be that way because we all have the same struggles and come from the same place! I have heard many times the stereotype of Dominicans that we’re very judgemental and very self-centered but I never let any of that get to me.


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