The Identity of Latinos

    Everybody has their own identity, we all identify ourselves to something that we all have a deep connection to. For some people, it can be their passion for music or writing. For others, it can be their occupation or anything they are really dedicated to. The two main subjects people identify themselves as, is gender and culture/nationality. These two topics are very important to anyone, but Latinos are a specific group of people that have some sort of history with both gender and race. Gender and race both have some sort of connection with Latinos, ever since the early 1900’s to modern day. These are topics that Latinos will be specific when it comes to  their identity.

    According to google, culture is defined as “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements regard collectively.” Latinos, just like many others, have their own specific culture that they practice everyday. Latinos have their own culture, that has been practice everyday for such a long time. This culture has gone through so much, with the Latino history. Since the early 1900s, Latinos were told to be more “American.” They were told if they are going to stay in American soil, then practice the American customs. This is also known as assimilation. On “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” it mentions how the author Gloria Azaldula was told to be more American. “I remember being caught speaking Spanish at recess–that was good for three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler. I remember being sent to the corner of the classroom for “talking back” to the Anglo teacher when all I was trying to do was tell her how to pronounce my name. “If you want to be American, speak ‘American.’ If you don’t like it, go back to Mexico where you belong.” This is an upsetting part of the passage. It shows that many people treated Latinos badly for being immigrants or just not knowing a simple word of English. Most of the time Latinos move to America for a better future; to better the future for their kids, reach goals that they couldn’t reach in their home country. Sometimes it’s hard for Latinos to do that, because they usually get to America with no knowledge of English. For that, they are called “lazy” and “useless” but most of the time they are working harder than the average American citizen. While a middle age man that lives in New Jersey is working at an office with a suit and tie, a guy in California can be working from 4am to 9pm, doing harder labor and working for less pay. People criticize Latinos for all of these things, that they supposedly don’t do, but in reality they are trying their hardest to even put food of the table for their kids.
    There has been many jokes about “border crossing” when it comes to Mexicans or any other Latino coming from a different country, but specifically Mexicans. A border is a line that separates two geographical areas, such as countries. The most talked about border is the one between Mexico and the United States. It’s such a trending topic, and it’s always joked about how Mexicans always cross the border to America; and those jokes are so disgusting and unnecessary. Mexicans (I am going to specifically talk about Mexicans, since it’s always targeted at them) are people who want to come to America for a better life. We can all see Mexico is not the best country, there are many economical, social, and everyday lives problem. It’s not a safe country in most parts. There are many people who would rather live in a better setting, and not be worried about their kids getting robbed or killed while going home from school. There are many people who want to succeed and sometimes their homeland doesn’t give them that opportunity. For many people, coming to America means success, reaching their goals, people want to live the “American Dream.” Having to ‘cross a border’ is pretty sad, people have to sneak in and struggle to get here so they are able to reach what they want. Many people die while taking is journey and never reach American soil. It’s a terrible thought when a family decides to make that choice, and they don’t succeed. This shouldn’t even be a thing. It should be okay if people want to come to America for a better future, and not give them any trouble when it comes to citizenship or their legal papers. People always believe that there is always a bad reason for someone to come to America, either to sell drugs, or “terrorist,” but most of the time that’s not even the case. Now, that building a wall is an idea from our president elect, many people agree on that and it’s going to make more people more close minded. That idea is very unnecessary, I don’t believe it will ever happen, but if it does that’s very sad and pathetic. We don’t deserve to treat people like this, especially people who just want to succeed in life.
    There are many different types of Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish is very different from Dominican Spanish. Puerto Rican Spanish is different from Mexican Spanish. It’s a language that separates a lot. For example, in English ‘friends’ mean both girl and boy; but in Spanish you have to say amigas or amigos. It’s a very gender based language. Chicano is someone from Mexican origin, specifically a male. Chicana is a description for a female from Mexican origin. Language is just an example of where gender plays in the Latino culture. Gender has played such an important and specific role, Spanish and the Latin culture is very separated when it comes to gender. For example, ever since the 19th century men would do the hard labor such as farming, mining, and railroad construction. Women would raise livestock, grow vegetables, and produced clothing. Women would mainly have the stay at home jobs, unlike men who would go out. This really has not changed either when it comes to our modern day living. In 2012, it was told that Hispanic men work more often than white men, who consistently work more than black men. Women are still portrayed as worker, but in home workers. They are portrayed as maids in popular TV shows and people still believe that’s all they do. In reality, Latina’s are very hard working women as well.

         Latino identity is very sacred to them. They always want to represent themselves a specific way, and not have people think about them the way they do. Their race and gender is something very specific in the Hispanic culture, and they want to represent them at a specific way.


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