Latino’s Race, and Identity:


immigrationRace, and gender have shaped latino’s identities, and relations in the U.S in many different ways. One way they have shaped their identity, and relations in the U.S is that most of the people in the United States think these latinos are criminals, and are coming over here to make America look bad, which is not true, and unfair to these latinos because some of them just want a better education, and better life. This shows that the government of the United States don’t have even a lil bit of consideration for these latinos, and do not care at all. Why do i think the United States government do not have any consideration towards these latinos? Because all of these politics are liars. During Obama presidency he promised to help the immigrants coming to the U.S and ended up deporting over 2.5 million immigrants. Borders, the actually definition for borders is a line separating two political, or geographical areas, especially countries. To me a clear definition for border is separation, and division. These borders  have also shaped, and affected latinos identities, and representation in the U.S, by separating them, and making them look bad, because they are a meaning of Separation, Isolation, and Racism. All these borders are doing is making the latinos seen as a difference, and by a “difference” I mean in a racist way like segregation. It’s unfair for some of the immigrants who are looking forward to have a better education, and a better life because they are seen as criminals. The majority of them struggled when they get to the United States because of they aren’t able to speak the language english according to Anzaldua “If you want to be American, Speak American”. It really shouldn’t be this way America should help the immigrants who really want a better education, and give them an opportunity here in the U.S because according to the the government this is a diverse country, for people who are really in need of help, and would like to have a better, and different lifestyle.


Racial Inequality have also impacted, and shaped latino’s race, and identity in the u.s from its beginnings. It has been a crucial line of division American Society. These latinos still getting low jobs such as cab drivers, cashiers, farm workers etc… It is shocking for certain people because nothing has changed, by “certain people” I mean people who are awake, not ignorants. The U.S should have better jobs for the immigrants because they might help the u.s in many ways, not make it look bad. Immigration has been, and continues to be good for the American society, although there are “some” of these immigrants that are gang members, criminals, etc.. but not all of them are the same, which is the point the U.S government, and society doesn’t get, they think just because some of them are criminals all of them are too, and it’s not true, and unfair because like I have say a couple times the majority just would like to have a better lifestyle, and education, which they hope to get here in the U.S. They immigrate here because they can’t afford anything in their country, can’t find any jobs, and their education isn’t worthy. In most of these latin countries your education isn’t worthy because even though if you graduate from college your degree isn’t worthy, and it will be really hard to find a job, for you to have a job you will need connections with the government etc… That’s one of the main reason why they are immigrating to the U.S because they might be something to help them here in the U.S. This quote “We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community and this nation” by Cesar Chavez means that we need to help or people understand, see the positives ways, and cultural diversity these nations have. How would the United States be without any time of immigration? Will their economy increase, or decrease?.



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