Your Skin Color Determines More Than You Think


Although race isn’t a biological reality, your “race” still is portrayed differently from society. Often, a group of people is determined by how the person looks physically and are often put into these groups that are known as “race”. The United States doesn’t identify Hispanics/Latinos as a race, but rather a nationality. This shows that Americans don’t think Hispanics are worthy of being counted as a race, which can lead to Spanish people not being able to identify with others. Race and gender identity has definitely taken a toll on the Latino community and affected relations with the U.S. because of the misconception Hispanics/Latinos only counting as a nationality.


Spanish immigrants come to America in high hopes of having a better lifestyle because their “… life there can be very hard. Poverty, political instability and recurring financial crises often conspire to make Latin American life more challenging than in the U.S., a wealthy country with lots of job opportunities.”(Planas 2) The U.S. government hasn’t been too supportive of migrants coming from Latin/Hispanic community because they have a hard time identifying them. From discrimination, to downgrading jobs, gratification and lower income, Hispanics have seen it all. Relations can be affected by Americans saying things like “…If you want to be American, speak ‘American’. If you don’t like it, go back to Mexico where you belong.”(Anzaldua 75) Hispanics are put into the category of the unknown because they aren’t black nor white, so the United States don’t know how to determine this as. This can lead to Hispanics/Latinos not knowing how to identify and not having a ‘home’ feeling.


People of high authority also have the ability to impact their opinions on immigrants. For example, Trump’s campaign has been revolved around this ideal of kicking out illegal immigrants because they are taking jobs and causing problems. Trump has very strong opinions of immigrants as  “… he claims as “the biggest magnet for illegal immigration” — suspending the policy that grants automatic citizenship to children of undocumented parents born in the US.”(Liu 7) Because someone like Trump said things like this, it leads to stereotypes to all Hispanic/Latino immigrants and more people supporting his idea of building a border between the United States and Mexico. Spanish is also a way people have the ability to communicate with people like them and feel the comfort wherever they go. Although English is not the national language of the United States, language has definitely put a limit on individuals. For example, “White men and women out-earn black men and women, who themselves out-earn Hispanic men and women, among full-time workers- even though Hispanic men have the highest participation rate.”(Thompson 2) This shows that just by identifying yourself as Hispanic, you are more likely to earn less than a Black or White individual.



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