Jim Crow- the unforgettable truth

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The topic of African American based hatred has long since exhausted itself within our society. Racism, the unrelated but practically interconnected sibling of Jim Crow, is hand- crafted, especially when considering it’s”traditional” stage leading to the name change. Saddening in thought, the relation between African Americans and racism has almost directly erased the history of once great empires, Mali and Songhai, instead emphasizing the prominence of what is the early stage of the 20th century. In this, I find it both remarkable and ironic how a fraction of the “lost period” pertaining to African Americans is relevant to only a small fraction of the bigger picture. The existence of racism is definite but goes unheard, therefore leading to common misconceptions as such- “They all look alike”, “They speak in some mumbo-jumbo.” A familiarity to some, these stereotypes are all but many of the hundreds endured by African Americans today, including myself. Where…

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