How Race Shaped & Impacted Society Then and Now

Renee O’Sullivan

  Race is our identity, it holds our culture, traditions and our background. It can take a wrong turn and be used against us. Stereotypes are then formed and discrimination occurs, all which is strongly influenced from social media closed minded people and judgement. Of those that are considered close minded, bias and judgmental against other races is then labeled as racist. Racism- “antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.still occurs to this day. Race started centuries ago during the Jim Crow period, evolved and slightly changed over the years.6a010536fa9ded970b017744d3e3fa970d

   The Jim Crow period made a major impact on race during the 1870’s to 1960’s. African Americans were targeted and even though they fought during the Civil War many still treated them as if they weren’t equal to white people. According to this source Jim Crow was being used to describe laws and customs aimed at segregating African Americans and others. These laws were intended to restrict social contact between whites and other groups and to limit the freedom and opportunity of people of color”. Before the creation of “race life was more suitable. “Before the invention of the Negro or the white or the words and concepts to describe them, the Colonial population consisted largely of a great mass of white and black bondsmen, who occupied roughly the same economic category and were treated with equal contempt”

– Lerone Bennett Jr.


That line from Lerone is a prime example of how the Jim Crow laws made a negative impact on “race” ,making it something that defines our equality as people.


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        Race this present day is still being used against people. In this generation, stereotypes play a big role in the dilemma with the concept of race. People are judged based on the way they’re dressed. All Muslims are terrorist, they wear a hijab because it involves their religion. Not all Mexicans came “illegally from the border”, not every black person loves watermelon, doesn’t know how to swim and is ghetto. Since when does our race defines each and everyone of us as a person. We are all different but equal, we are all humans. These stereotypes tear many of us down and cause racism to still exist. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement and a powerful one, it involves minorities standing up as one against police officers throughout the country abusing their power.



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