How Has Racism Changed Throughout The Years?


Racism has been a problem since anyone can remember, inequality between races and looking down upon the “minority”. “In 1950, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth.”(Sussman,1). Why is that race isn’t realistic, but yet we are looked differently because of our skin color? Do people fail to realize that we are genetically all made the same and color is just appearance. Although this is all true, there has still been  many effects: good and bad that have involved racism during certain time periods which include: before and after Jim Crow and present.

Slavery was the rolling dice of discrimination. ¨Here, in America, the idea of race emerged as a means of reconciling chattel slavery- as well as the extermination of American Indians- with the ideals of freedom preached by whites in the new colonies.¨(Alexander, 3) People of color were always looked down upon and White people have had the supremacy. Although the term slavery was not used, ¨servants” were used when African-Americans first migrated to America. The Reconstruction Era was a very important time for people of color, because it meant that they had laws in order to protect their rights. In result of this, things like black codes were created in order to limit the freedom that was granted from the Reconstruction amendments.

During the Jim Crow period, this was when the reconstruction was reversed again and black people were seen as  ¨dangerous¨. ¨As African Americans obtained political power and began the long march toward greater social and economic equality, whites reacted with panic and outrage.¨(Alexander, 8) Because of this fearfulness of African-Americans rising up, the Klu Klux Klan had started and this was where the South was able to get their power back. The 13th amendment abolished slavery, but the exception was that slavery can be a punishment as a crime. Because of this reason, many African-Americans were convicted of minor crimes and left to the hands of the state.  ¨Redemption marked a turning point in the quest by dominant whites for a new racial equilibrium, a racial order that would protect their economic, political, and social interests in a world without slavery.¨(Alexander, 9) With this exception, the white supremacy was able to keep African-Americans were able to stay under their radar.

Sadly, racism still exists today and is higher than ever. Police brutality is something that has been around since 2013. As seen on the graph below, you are able to see that most people are stopped due to their physical appearance.


White privilege has always been around; making it harder for the minority to rise up to their full potential.  ¨There is a lot of silence about race in white communities, and as a consequence WHites tend to think of racial identity as something that other people have, not some-thing that is salient for them. But when, for whatever reason, the silence is broken, a process of racial identity development for Whites begins to unfold.¨(2) Many white people go almost their entire life without questioning their race because they are around people of the same culture.

Just because racism has been around since human species, it doesn’t mean that we still have to deal with it. Stereotypes needed to be stopped because not all black people are troublemakers. We aren’t all drug dealers. We are humans and people, just like you. The doubts from society don’t allow people of color to branch out to their full potential and who knows… The ones that is doubtful can be the person who cures cancer.



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